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Taxi World!

Taxi World is a new way to book cabs and chaffuer services. Our mobile app is unlike any other and allows for fast automatic booking and real-time feedback. You can also book one of our services through phone or our website. We are the first cash-less cab company in the Palmetto State. Unlike rideshare services, our drivers are professionally liscensed and undergo physical health screenings regularly.

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It's Easy to Download our App and Book a Ride!

Why our App?

Our app for Android or Iphone allows users to see their route before pickup and also pay using their app. Quick dispatching of drivers and seemless booking are just the tip of the iceberg! We also provide online booking and booking via telephone for a more traditional experience.

Regular Updates

Security is a priority! Taxi World App can update itself automatically to ensure your data and personal information stays secure as new threats become patched by our ever diligent development team.

Addons and Advancements

Our developers work continuously to provide useful addons and improvements to our apps every day!


Modern User Interface

The modern UI, or User Interface, allows a sleek and easy to read format for our customers. Elements of the modern UI not only look great, but also make the app easy to navigate.


User Experience For All

Keep it simple. Our team understands that everyones user experience will be different. Through testing and keeping a "keep it simple" mentality, we strive to provide an easy to use experience for all our customers.

take more with us

1. Request a ride. With just one tap, get matched with a trustworthy driver with a clean background. 2. Get picked up. The app will give you an ETA of your driver as well as a photograph of your driver for easy recognition. 3. Get there fast. When the ride ends, just pay with your phone. Done!

Go shopping!

Schedule your pickup time, and our drivers will be there to bring you home!

Concerts and Games

Book with us before and after so our drivers will be waiting to take you home safely.

Express Booking tools

By app, website, or by phone! We will pick you up shortly!

Bad weather? No problem!

Our professional team of friendly drivers work in all conditions to serve you!

Going on Vacation?

Schedule your trip and ensure we will pick you up and drop you off from the Airport or Bus Station on time!


Use our app to review our drivers, app, and you're overall experience so we can continue to improve our services!

Downloads for iPhone & Android

Taxiworldapp matches drivers with passengers who request rides through our smartphone app, and passengers pay automatically through the app.


Taxi Driver? Make more money!

Apply and download our app Now! Enter your info, and then download the Taxiworldapp to create your driver profile.

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